Eclipse Mining API Information

Our API call information is fairly simple and is output in the standard JSON format. It is accessed with standard HTTP GET requests. To get a full list from our API, you may call api.php as such:


Your API key is randomly generated when you create your account and can be viewed from the Account page. However, if you wish to change your API key, you may do so from the same page. While you can change the key to anything you want, you should treat your API key like a password, as anyone with that key will be able to view information about your account, workers and various pool statistics. Choosing a secure API key and keeping it secret is important.

If you wish to access only specific information from our API, you may do so in this manner:

api.php?key=<yourapikey>&action=poolstats - This will return only pool statistical information.
api.php?key=<yourapikey>&action=userstats - This will return only user information.
api.php?key=<yourapikey>&action=blockstats - This will return only block information.

If there is additional information you wish to see in our API, please do not hesitate to let us know.